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Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh, how I love being a mother.

Brynlee is just so cute. So perfect. So lovable. So sweet.

I can't tell you enough how much Richard and I love being parents. People always tell you, 'you just wait!', and I'm like, 'I know, I have nieces and nephews'.  But there really is no way to tell or prepare someone how much you will love YOUR child. I usually think, and still think, snot and drool is gross. But there is nothing that grosses me out about Brynlee.

Brynlee is now three months old! I can't believe it! She is getting so big. She began wearing her three month clothes when she was two months old. The first six weeks were hard, for eating at least, because we think she had acid reflux. Our doctor said she showed signs of it, and gave us a prescription for it. We gave it to her for about 2 weeks, and then decided it wasn't worth it anymore. We couldn't tell that much of a difference, and so why give them to her if they aren't working? The doctor said once she gets to be about twelve pounds it would get better. Sure enough, it did.

We love this stage! She is cooing and babbling like crazy. My favorite part of each day is when she wakes up from a nap. She does one of two things: 1.) Cuddles, stretches and yawns 2.) SMILE! I will take either one. She still likes her bath time. She is beginning to make the tub a whirlpool.  We take her for walks when weather permits, she loves the jungle gym, and her vibrating bouncer. We read a book to her in the afternoon, and then again in the evening. She also enjoys dancing to music...well, she's more like a puppet and we move her around. :)

Going back to work. I went back to work two weeks ago. I have to say the first week was hard, the second week, not so bad. My first week back I worked dayside, which meant I went in at 9:00 and didn't get home till 6:30, the earliest. I knew that I wouldn't like that schedule, and most likely I probably would not have gone back to work if I had to work that schedule. I didn't enjoy my mornings with her (had to get ready, pack the bag, drop her off), I didn't enjoy my days working, knowing she was with someone else, and I didn't enjoy my evenings (got home late, and she was ready for bed around 7!). YUCK!!!! I barely made it one week on that schedule. I couldn't stand it. On top of not enjoying any part of my day, I became irritable because of it, and didn't enjoy my time with Richard after she went to sleep. However, I knew it was only for a week, so I managed to make it.

SO, now, I'm working mornings. So, SO, SOOO much better! I work from 3 A.M. to noon. Which means, I go to bed around 8 P.M. I am so happy with it. Brynlee sleeps for almost 5 to 6 six hours of my shift. (Wake up at 8, and takes a nap sometime in between.) So, she only spends 2 awake hours away from me, 3 at most. Richard works from home Mondays and Fridays. He watches her till I get home at noon (but most of the time, I take my lunch at eleven, so I get home early.) A lady at my church is watching her Tuesday-Thursday, and I really couldn't do it without her. I knew I wouldn't use daycare, and I wouldn't have trusted just anybody. Shaun-Ta is amazing! She has three kids (two in school). I love that she has a two year old running around in the mornings with Brynlee. It gives Brynlee another little baby girl to look at, talk with, and play with. They have tea time together, play time, song perfect. Going back to work is harder on me, than it is on her. But to be honest, I enjoy knowing I'm continuing my education/work as well...and knowing I'm not taking my time away from Brynlee is awesome. I get to spend all day with her, and we go to bed around the same time. Yay, for morning shift! :)

Everyone at Brynlee's Blessing
The men in her life :)
Family of three!

Mardi Gras Parade!
Friends from college! 10 year reunion in New Orleans! :)
Thinking about her next move

The look I get often when she's in stroller!

Back to work. I need to write a blog about what I do. Most people have the misconception that all you do as a reporter/anchor is read and look pretty. NOT! So not true, the labor that goes into this job, you have no idea. That's for another day. :)
Brynlee playing with Kate....her play date on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Our new couch. Looks big, but we were thinking big so we could keep it for the next 10 years!

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